KINDERJAZZ is a 12 piece Australian Big Band for young children. It was founded in 1997 by Christobel and David Llewellyn as a way to encourage children with live music. Our inspiration came from Sesame Street and the 1930’s and 40’s Big Bands which predated television.

Christobel Llewellyn, sole producer and specialist in music education, has described Kinderjazz’s mission as “marinating children in the sound of acoustic instruments playing a wide variety of rhythms, melody, harmony and solos to encourage their spontaneity, develop their creativity and nurture their growing brains in the process.”

We believe that all children are magnificent and deserve to be exposed to the highest quality music. With two singers, trumpets, trombone, tenor and alto saxophones, piano, double bass, drums and congas, Kinderjazz delivers a global first. It instantly connects children to both their internal and external worlds. Kinderjazz is rich and organic. What you see is what you hear. The sounds come from the hearts and minds of some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians.

There are seven albums featuring a variety of styles and genres. Kinderjazz is a living, breathing experience. When we hear quality music, every part of our brain moves. It offers engagement and focus especially in an age where screen time diminishes play. Music has been proven to be the best way to encourage learning in children as it has an emotional component. The only way children learn is through their emotions. Kinderjazz can open that pathway. Our music is written to give children the best foundation for learning an instrument, using their voice, body and soul.

Jazz is such a creative medium and remains dynamically educational for children. The instinct to move as a response to sound begins in the womb. We believe that music is our universal language and can only thrive on human involvement. Children are deeply complicated and sensitive people. They should not have to meet the world in three minute sound bites. Nor should they remain passive listeners but should become actively involved.

We would love to share our music with you.

Dr Christobel Llewellyn

Dr Llewellyn is a professional pianist, conductor, music educator, and consultant to HSC music students, The Sydney Opera House Baby Proms and The City of Sydney. She herself was mentored by great musicians namely Isador Goodman and Leonard Bernstein. Any wonder she has a burning desire to pass her knowledge on!

She firmly believes that all children should have the opportunity of learning music from birth and KINDERJAZZ was created to achieve this aim. Not only does she run her own vibrant home studio, she also manages two orchestras. Her husband David Llewellyn is the extremely talented composer and lyricist for KINDERJAZZ.

She is a keen supporter of live music and provides work for a number of top artists in Sydney. Her particular study has been in music education and it’s effect on children and is a sought after speaker in this field. She has produced all seven KINDERJAZZ CD’s, the latest of which was recorded in December 2014. In 2010, the collaboration with Putumayo Kids ‘Jazz Playground’ won the Parent’s Choice GOLD Award in America.

Christobel has an interest in working with children in the Autistic Spectrum and started Sydney’s first Special Needs Children’s Choir in 2016.

To add to this busy schedule, she appears on radio and television expounding the many benefits of a musical education and is currently involved in developing both a live children’s TV series, and a feature length film including the fabulous KINDERJAZZ band. Most recently she won Australian Citizen of the Year 2012, for her outstanding service to Music Education in this country.

David Llewellyn - Kinderjazz Composer, Arranger, Lyricist

Here’s a quick example to explain creativity.

You’ve got to feed your family dinner tonight and the car is out of petrol and the shops are too far to walk to in time.

Translation:  I’ve got to finish an album with one last song for the 12 Kinderjazz musicians but my mind is blank and the nearest idea just jumped over the moon.

But then the dog eats the meat and grandma blocks the toilet.

Translation:  But then an Insurance Agent turns up and the band parts get lost at the copy centre. (Even Rossini lost his first overture to the Barber of Seville).

What I’m saying is that writing music is just how I get through the day.  Whereas for most families it’s why you get through the day.  And sometimes we do it together.